Sicilian born Antonino Trimarchi was raised in 1960s Messina - a place of vivid character, spirit and social change. Inheriting his creativity from his father’s shoemaking trade, Antonino realised his ease and interest in drawing, which followed him to London when he moved there at age 18. His art was supported by the jobs he undertook - London offered more opportunity than Sicily. 

A spectator of society from an anthropological standpoint, Antonino was never lacking in material to draw inspiration and ideas from. His observations of society - its structures internally and externally - are still sources from where he draws inspiration today. 

Metaphors of contemporary society are what feed through Antonino’s work - portrayed through vibrancy, illusion, depth of palette and perspective. Though inter-human relationships are the foundations on which his paint is laid, religious and mythological references can often be decoded, too. 

Colour palette is an aspect of the artwork that communicates the emotionality, mood and disposition of the subject. Colour acts as a framework for the interlocking shapes to often form the focal human-hybrid of the piece. Piercing hues and tones make themselves known to the viewer, initially attracting the eye, whereas the form intrigues and draws the eye into and around the piece.  

Inspired originally by Surrealism and the Fauve Movement, Antonino echoes their prime ways of working in a way completely unique to him. His illusions fluidly unravel to reveal meaning, creating a puzzle to be solved by the viewer. Complex reality and surreal ideology are juxtaposed, fuelled by temperament and a way of confronting the viewer with a message. 

Rich in experience, Antonino has exhibited globally for three decades. His contribution to the contemporary art scene was recognised and awarded at the Florence Biennale ‘Vetrina Degli Artisti Contemporanei’ show in 2008. Antonino’s work can be recognised universally as an intriguing and piercing interpretation of contemporary culture in reference and comparison to historical contexts.

Antonino Trimarchi has been selected to participate at the prestigious London Art Biennale 2017 at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, London.